Chicken Francese: Popular Choice

Angelina's Trattoria is an Italian restaurant that serves fresh, authentic food. From pizzas and pastas to sandwiches, the menu is diverse and always made with the freshest ingredients. Eating out at Angelina's is a great way to enjoy a delicious Italian meal without having to prepare it yourself. There is one dish that has been requested so many times that we decided to write about it. Angelina's fresh Chicken Francese is a delicious Italian dish that is sure to please anyone's taste buds. Our most popular Italian dish is made with tender chicken breast that is lightly breaded and pan-fried to a golden-brown perfection. The chicken is then served in a lightly-lemoned butter sauce, making it a truly irresistible dish. The tender chicken and flavorful sauce are complemented by a medley of fresh vegetables, including mushrooms, onions, and tomatoes. This dish is sure to please everyone's palate, and will have you coming back for more for sure!

Angelina's Chicken Francese

In fact, our Chicken Francese is a dish that is truly a labor of love. Every element of the dish is carefully prepared from scratch, with each ingredient being given the attention it deserves. Our chicken is hand-breaded and cooked to perfection, and the vegetables are always fresh and flavorful. The lemon butter sauce is the perfect accompaniment to the dish, and it brings all the flavors together in a truly unique way. Our Chicken Francese is sure to be a hit at your next gathering, and will be sure to leave your guests wanting more. Can't wait to try it? Order now!

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